3rd Hampton Hill Sweep the Board

3HH Group Explorers Scouts

sc-as-maatarA crisply cold weekend of shooting air rifle, pistol, field target, knockout, small-bore, full-bore and biathlon culminated in 3rd Hampton Hill’s best ever results at the annual National Scout Air Rifle Championships.

This year was once again their biggest entry with some 782 shooters from Scout and Explorer groups across the country, 3rd Hampton Hill entering 9 Scout shooters, 5 adults and a team of 5 from Hampton Explorers. Whilst we won’t know the full results for a few days, a closing ceremony chock full of awards for the top three places definitely left us with smiles on our faces.

Firstly, in the Biathlon, a completion to run 400m, shoot prone, run 400m, shoot kneeling, run 400m, shoot standing and then run 400m saw the junior competition and gold medal won by Tom H, even though he missed a target at prone!

The knockout is a competition requiring nerves of steel as well as good aim, standing shoulder to shoulder with your opponent aiming to be the first to knock down 5 targets and Rhiannon N continued with her good streak in this discipline taking equal third place and a bronze medal. Considering the size of the field this was an excellent result, especially as so many of us fell by the wayside very early in the competition.

In ‘own rifle’, a competition where strangely enough you take and shoot your own rifle, Tom H took the bronze in the junior section but Jacob H topped this by taking junior gold, both shooting with the groups rifles.

Jacob also had success in the own pistol competition where the overall top 8/9 shooters compete in an Olympic final shootout, Jacob holding his own and taking the bronze against much older and more experienced shooters which was quite an achievement.

Prize for the most shocked expression went to Ruth H on winning 3rd place in the pistol main competition junior section. Lily tried to match this expression but looked delighted instead on winning the Chris Lacey Mastershot Trophy for winning the under 12 main rifle competition gold medal. Jacob H snuck in a silver here taking second place in the U14 main rifle competition again to much older Scouts.

And so onto the team awards by which time we were becoming quite excited by our prospects and in the team pistol event, an event for a team comprising the best four pistol shots from each team with only one oldie allowed, a superb performance saw us lift the trophy and gold medals for the team comprising Ruth H, Lily P, Jacob H and Paul F.

The Webley Scott Trophy is the equivalent in team rifle and we were slightly hopeful but equally surprised to hear that we had lifted the trophy and gold medals here for the team comprising Lily P, Jacob H and Matt and Paul C (father and son)!

And so, with so much success we began to entertain hopes of lifting the overall trophy, the junior Connaught, however this is different from those above being a preselected team that has to be entered many months in advance. I’m afraid we let out the odd whoop of delight when we heard “3rd…..”, yes even before the rest of the name was read out and so nearly missed the fact that our selected B team comprising Ruth H, Will W and Matt C had lifted the trophy and gold medals. The joy wasn’t over though with our A team of Jacob H, Tom H and Lily P taking the silver spot truly confirming the depth and strength of talent we have here at 3HH and Hampton Explorers.

Special mention here goes to Richard C who despite a monster score of 20 on full-bore was pipped at the post by the 3rd place winner who got 20.1!

So overall an immensely successful weekend with many individual as well as team winners. This is the second time we’ve won team pistol but our first success with Webley Scott. It is also our second success with the Connaught Trophy which is by far the most coveted of any of the awards.

So well done to all the team including those who missed out this year and we look forward to the full results to see just how close we came elsewhere. Immense thanks to Margaret and Paula for keeping us all (very) well fed and watered this weekend and ensured that we were all able to carry out our duties and make our shoots on time. Margaret and Paula have supported us in this role for many years now and feel that the time has come to pass on the mantle so we’ll be looking for volunteer cooks for next year’s competition (unless I call them on a Friday night when they’re chilled out they advised)! If you’d like to know more then please call.

Finally my immense thanks to the trainers who worked with the team this year, Simon F, John and Wend, Jon H, Rob H and Paul C, it’s really satisfying to have that work rewarded. Right, now how do we get our hands on the Senior Connaught trophy?????

Hopefully photos will be available for upload soon.

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