We need You! (Please Can you Help us at Beavers?)

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We need You! (Please Can you Help us at Beavers?)

Dear All,

Lesley E (Assistant Beaver Leader in the Beaver Colony early group) has decided to step down at the end of the summer term. In order for the early group to continue in September 2013 we need to find at least one more Assistant Leader, or Sectional Assistants but preferably more.

If you are currently thinking “Aaarrgghhh !!! I cannot think of anything worse than being a beaver leader” then could you please have a mental run through your list of friends/family or work colleagues and see if anyone springs to mind that would like to have a go?

If you are thinking “mmmmmm that could be interesting” then please do get in touch with us (because it is interesting and lots of fun-honestly!!). Please do come along, get involved and see how the Beaver Colonies run and think about helping us.

If we are unable to recruit at least one adult (preferably two) by September it is very likley that the early beaver colony will need to close.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks.

Rich Moody
(on behalf of the Beaver Leadership Team and all at 3HH).

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