Water Rocket Challenge!

Cubs Scouts

The Cubs and Scouts had a fantastic evening on Wed 19 June 2013 at NPL taking part in the Water Rocket Challenge.

Both the Cubs and Scouts had spent time during Section Meetings learning about the mechanics and design of the Rockets, and then having a go at building and launching them.

The Cubs took part in the Water Rocket Workshops at the NPL event, launching Rockets they had made previously and making and launching more under the guiding eyes and hands of the Staff and Volunteers at the Event.

The Scouts took part in the Challenge Competition – this involved launching a rocket 3 times and attempting to get it into the scoring zones marked out on the field. They thought that they were out of the running after some rocket repair/misfire and launching issues (breaking a brand new launcher on the second round) but still managed to get second place and only missed first by 6 points. Well done 3HH. First place next year ;)

A wonderful fun evening enjoyed by all!

A Big Thanks from all at 3HH to all the organisers and volunteers that ran this event.

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