Scouts Rowing (‘Pulling’) Tues 2nd July 2013


Rowing details as follows:

Tuesday 2nd July, 2013, we are Rowing, or to be absolutely correct ‘Pulling’ on the Thames at Richmond.
…. and for the technically minded, Rowing involves ‘Feathering’ the oar after every stroke, ‘Pulling’ doesn’t :) )

Whatever…we will propel, surprisingly well, two beautiful and unique replica Shallops of the Fifteenth century (as used by Aristocracy and Very Rich in Henry VII’s time), and a couple of whalers, up or down the Thames, probably both, according to the captains whim.

Its great fun, join us please.

Cost £3 in coins please, (don’t have to be real gold coins, but we have to cross the Capn’s palm me hearties)

Meet at the Towpath near Richmond Bridge 6.30pm, Pick up 9pm same place

Please try to be prompt, once we set off only speedboats will ever catch us !!
Wear full uniform and any outer clothing suitable for prevailing weather conditions.
Life jackets are supplied

There is limited parking nearby down Friars Lane/Water Lane, or at the large car park on the far side of the Green off the A316 (10 mins walk)

This part of the Towpath will be heaving if its a nice evening so allow plenty of time
Car sharing is recommended

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