Scouts Summer Camp 2013


Summary of recent camp at Broadstone Warren Scout Camp . . .
Despite the smaller numbers and shortened duration it all seemed to go off very well. :) Sleeping out in hammocks and tarps, just like Ray Mears, was a wonderful new experience for most of the Scouts. While we didn’t manage to do all the stuff that we had aimed to, the highlights included: zip wire, pooh sticks in the Hundred Acre Wood, crate stacking, stalking fluffy bunny rabbits, learning to split wood using just an oversized sheath knife, cooking over open fires and micro navigation while hiking in the rain! Apparently lolling around in the hammocks, shooting the breeze and playing cards was also quite acceptable to the Scouts. Although there were biblical portions of wet stuff at times I am assured that in hindsight it was “character building”! Broadstone Warren more than lived up to its well-deserved reputation as 400 acres of ancient woodlands with plenty of space to explore – we only saw a small corner of it and I’ve no doubt we’ll be back again before too long. Well done and thanks to all the scouts and the Leadership Team (Simon, Jane, Rich & Lucy).

Pictures here; 3HH Scouts Summer Camp 2013

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