Beavers – Can you Help us? Or do you perhaps know someone that could?

3HH Group Beavers

We are looking for 3 or 4 people to Help regularly at Beavers.

We have Two Beaver Colonies that currently run on Fridays 5pm-6pm (early Colony) and 615pm-715pm (late Colony).
We are looking for people that can ideally commit about 1.5 hours about 2-3 times per month to help with Beaver Section Meetings and also get involved with helping to plan and organize the programme (this would be as part of a team and working with the existing leaders, both Beaver Colonies run the same shared programme). Our main challenge is trying to cover the early Colony Meeting from 5pm-6pm. You would be part of a Team.
We can offer you in return some Training (if you need/want it), plenty of support, advice and lots of fun! :) Plus the satisfaction of doing something which is rewarding.

Please, please do come along, get involved (have a go) and see how the Beaver Colonies run and think about helping us.

Please do get in touch with us via the enquiry page or send email to to find out about what’s involved.

We look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.

Rich Moody (Group Scout Leader)
(on behalf of the Beaver Leadership Team and all at 3HH).

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