3HH Fund Raiser (‘Good Cause Scheme at Waitrose Hampton)

3HH Group

3HH is one of the “Good Causes” at Waitrose (Hampton) throughout December 2013
Waitrose at Hampton (near Hampton Train Station) have decided to make 3rd Hampton Hill Scout Group one of the three “good causes” which will receive funding from Waitrose for the whole of this December.
So when you go shopping at Waitrose in Hampton don’t forget to pick up a green plastic token at the till and put it into the slot marked 3rd Hampton Hill Scout Group, in the container on your left as you walk towards the exit.

The more green tokens in 3HH’s container, the more money 3HH will receive from Waitrose.

The scheme runs from this Sunday, 1st December to 31st December. We will receive a cheque payable to 3rd Hampton Hill Scout Group in mid-January.

Please tell all 3HH parents, leaders and helpers and friends about this fundraising opportunity and encourage them to pick up a green plastic token at the till when they’ve paid for their shopping, and put it in 3HH’s slot.

Lets try to encourage all our family & friends to do some shopping trips to Waitrose Hampton from Sunday onwards for the whole of December, and then make sure we all pop the green token into 3HH’s container each time.

Many thanks.

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