Scouts Easter Camp – Report Back and Pics


We hope you have at least been able to gather some information from your scouts as to what they did at Easter Camp. If not then here’s the rundown but first of all here are the photos.
3HH Scouts Easter Camp 2014

I must say that 3G swing certainly makes for some great photos! It’s the look of pure panic!

Sunday was an early start as you know. We got to site and sorted out the patrols, got tents pitched and launched straight into our first two activities, the climbing wall and crate stacking. After some cowboy stew, rice pudding and several scouts converted to cornbread it was a wide game and off to bed.

Monday was the Major Activity day but first of all the scouts cooked their own full English breakfast. It was back to the Crate Stacking and Climbing after swapping groups and then we switched to leap of faith and abseiling. Leap of faith looks as crazy as it sounds.
Monday afternoon also saw a chance to get some knife training done, and axe and saw for those that were already knife trained. Spaghetti Carbonara and Camp Fire Donuts were followed by a relaxed few silly games round the camp fire. Granny likes 007 but hates James Bond!

Tuesday it was up and out fast as it was our hike into oxford. A quick bacon sarnie and cereal for all and it was pack bags make lunch and hit the road for a gentle walk into oxford. We all met up outside Pitts River Museum and had lunch in the glorious sunshine (did I mention we had nothing but sunshine all week!) We sent the scouts into the Pitts River Museum which to be quiet honest is a bit like a cross between “The Natural History Museum” and “Ripleys Believe It or Not!”. Shruken heads, things in jars, live cockroaches and more! We followed this up with a tour inside one of the oxford colleges led by one of our ex scouts and occasional helpers Tom Burton who is now studying there. Then it was a quick trip down to Sainsbury’s for the patrols to make and buy ingredients for their own dinner. We had some great results and some interesting outcomes! Kebabs, Burgers, Curry, Eton Mess, Bird Poo! And more all made the menus. After filling ourselves far too much we played a couple of wide games finishing with the rather excellent Cluedo widegame.

Wednesday morning it was time for the patrols to light them fires and get cracking (excuse the pun) with Eggy Bread. It was then off to the activities again with Jacobs Ladder and 3G Swing. The afternoon was some free time a leisurely lunch of fish finger sandwiches. A trip to the providore to spend their pocket money, and prep some skits for the camp fire. We also managed to invest 9 scouts on our pioneering ladder, which was certainly fun and interesting! Chicken Fahitas in the evening and banana splits and marshmallow smores and we were ready for the cubs to join us for campfire. Of course we had a blast with some great skits, the “Mundy Boat Race”, some funny songs and it was off to bed.

Thursday started with a central breakfast and clear up and pack away. But we did break it up with some awards. There was awards for the Scout with their hands in the pockets the longest, the scout who daydreamed the most, the scout who needed the most first aid and even some leaders won awards as well. After a rather noisy drive back (I had all the girls in my minibus again! How does that keep happening) I’m hoping your scouts did the same as me and fell asleep early.

I hope they all had as much fun as it looked they did. Certainly going through the photos it looked like it.

I would like to thank all the leaders for offering up their spare time again. Without which we couldn’t possibly run these events.

P.S. Thanks for the cakes, they were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

John Hawkins
Scout Leader
3rd Hampton Hill Scouts (Claws, Tuesday)
(on behalf of the Scout and Camp Leadership Teams)

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