Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers – Keep Collecting and return them to us

3HH Group

Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers – Keep collecting and please Put them into the 3HH Collection Box!

Last year was a real success for us with our best ever total collected allowing us to place a really valuable order for lightweight tents. So here we are in 2014 and we’re on the collection trail again and why wouldn’t we as this superb scheme saves us money in being able to order sports, games and camping equipment and it doesn’t even cost us postage!

It would be really useful when collecting your vouchers and posting them in the box in the HQ if you can batch them up separately in 1s or 5s with rubber bands, adding a note of the number of vouchers enclosed as this will save us hours of counting.

Vouchers can be collected until 20th May and we have to place our order by the end of June latest so please do get these in before the closing date as every year we waste quite a number of vouchers as they come in after we’ve been forced to place our order. Many thanks and just remember, every voucher donated helps to keep your subs down!

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