All the Info you need for Borough Camp July 2014

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Dear Parents, Scouts & Cubs
With Borough camp just over a week away 4th-6th July 2014, please find below and attached all the info you need to get to and from site and to have a brilliant weekend.
Drop Off Please arrive to our site at Walton Firs at 7pm on Friday (allow a fair bit of time for travel and drop off – it will be busy!).
Please ensure you have had dinner at home before you come (light snack – cake will be only thing available Friday evening once on site). Please Arrive in uniform.

Address; Walton Firs Activity Centre, Convent Lane, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1HB
Walton Firs (location)
Walton Firs Site Map
3HH pitch will be on the training field which is in the Lower bottom Right Corner (over the Ravine Footbridge) as you look at the Camp Site Plan (for those that have been before – same place as usual)

The emergency home contact will be: Martin Riddell

Kit list previously sent out with invite but please bring and note the the following items (some that are additional)
• We are only going for two nights, I would prefer if all kit is in holdalls and not suitcases as these use up a lot of room in the tents.
• Sun cream and sunhat – although it is looking less likely that we will have the amazing weather we had last year, please ensure these are packed (likewise will also need raincoat)
• Assault course clothes – If we get to use the assault course you will get v. muddy – consider sending some clothes you don’t mind never wearing again (and a plastic bag to take them home in).
• Tuck money – There is a provi (shop) on site but could we please ask that pocket money brought to camp is a sensible amount (£2-3) and ask cubs not to go mad on sweets (no over the top sugar intake induced late night sick events this year please)
Bring money in a sealed named envelope.
• Sometimes it’s helpful for cubs to know the time as lots of activities are in slots. If you have a v cheap watch you don’t mind not seeing again they may find it useful.
• Please bring cake for all to share, nut free please.

Parent help rota – message from Kate Delaney Borough camp is nearly upon us and many of you kindly agreed to come and help out. We are short of help on Sat pm and very short on Sunday am, so if you can volunteer that would be brilliant – or even if you could swap from a shift that has lots of parents on it already.

In case you are wondering what you will be doing; Fri am at Scout Hut – this is helping us to load up the vans (and later on site if you can stay around). The on-site volunteering will be helping us to run our activity. Each section puts on an activity for all of the cubs / scouts to enjoy (there are around 700 cubs / scouts from all across Richmond on the camp).

In theme with the World Cup we will be running a Brazilian Beach bar where cubs will be making fruit juice drinks, and flags of the World Cup countries to help us decorate our bar. We even have sand and an inflatable palm tree!

It’s really important we have parents to help us put on this activity as the leadership team need to make sure we are looking after our cubs/scouts and will be ferrying them to and from various competitions – we will probably need at least 3 parents on the “bar” at all times….

Finally the Sun pm slot will be helping us to pack up and take all the tents down.
Thanks so much for offering to help – we couldn’t do it without you!
And if you are not shown on the rota and can help please do get in touch.

Collection (going home on Sunday)
Unless we advise otherwise collection will be after the closing ceremony at 3:30pm on Sunday.
We will need help unloading kit back at the hut once we get back, so please to tag along, the more bodies we have the quicker we all get home, thanks.

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