Sainsburys Active Kids 2015

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Hi all, yes once again we’re off on the voucher collecting trail and hoping to make good use of our investment made last year. Investment I hear you ask? Well yes, instead of spending all our vouchers last year we saved them to add to whatever we collect this year to be able to ‘buy’ a bigger item, the catch is, we have to spend these this year or lose them :-(
So, once the vouchers start to appear please start collecting and pass our way as it saves you money. Saves us money I hear you ask? Well yes, as we’re able to supplement or replace our camping, outdoor and games equipment which would otherwise be bought from what we collect in subs.
Vouchers can be collected from any Sainsburys and you get 1 voucher for £10 spent at larger stores, 1 per £5 spent at smaller ones and if anyone in the queue says they don’t want them, offer to take them off their hands! Equally, if you have the time perhaps you could persuade the manager of your local Sainsburys to collect unwanted vouchers on our behalf and if you are able to supply a box for this it can prove very effective, but it probably won’t work in the larger stores.
Finally, when your ‘wodge’ is getting too large to handle please bring it down to the HQ and deposit in the correct slot of the box. If possible (as it saves many hours laborious counting) if you can count your vouchers and write the number on a slip of paper and lovingly surround them with a rubber band before popping them in the box (yes you can lift the lid) then we’d really appreciate it.
This really is an excellent scheme and has provided this group with many valuable items ranging from tents to footballs over the years, so please support your local Scout group, we are a charity after all :-)

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