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Sainsburys Active Kids 2015

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015
3HH Group Beavers Cubs Explorers Scouts

Hi all, yes once again we’re off on the voucher collecting trail and hoping to make good use of our investment made last year. Investment I hear you ask? Well yes, instead of spending all our vouchers last year we saved them to add to whatever we collect this year to be able to ‘buy’ a bigger item, the catch is, we have to spend these this year or lose them :-(
So, once the vouchers start to appear please start collecting and pass our way as it saves you money. Saves us money I hear you ask? Well yes, as we’re able to supplement or replace our camping, outdoor and games equipment which would otherwise be bought from what we collect in subs.
Vouchers can be collected from any Sainsburys and you get 1 voucher for £10 spent at larger stores, 1 per £5 spent at smaller ones and if anyone in the queue says they don’t want them, offer to take them off their hands! Equally, if you have the time perhaps you could persuade the manager of your local Sainsburys to collect unwanted vouchers on our behalf and if you are able to supply a box for this it can prove very effective, but it probably won’t work in the larger stores.
Finally, when your ‘wodge’ is getting too large to handle please bring it down to the HQ and deposit in the correct slot of the box. If possible (as it saves many hours laborious counting) if you can count your vouchers and write the number on a slip of paper and lovingly surround them with a rubber band before popping them in the box (yes you can lift the lid) then we’d really appreciate it.
This really is an excellent scheme and has provided this group with many valuable items ranging from tents to footballs over the years, so please support your local Scout group, we are a charity after all :-)

All the Info you need for Borough Camp July 2014

Thursday, June 26th, 2014
Cubs Scouts

Dear Parents, Scouts & Cubs
With Borough camp just over a week away 4th-6th July 2014, please find below and attached all the info you need to get to and from site and to have a brilliant weekend.
Drop Off Please arrive to our site at Walton Firs at 7pm on Friday (allow a fair bit of time for travel and drop off – it will be busy!).
Please ensure you have had dinner at home before you come (light snack – cake will be only thing available Friday evening once on site). Please Arrive in uniform.

Address; Walton Firs Activity Centre, Convent Lane, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1HB
Walton Firs (location)
Walton Firs Site Map
3HH pitch will be on the training field which is in the Lower bottom Right Corner (over the Ravine Footbridge) as you look at the Camp Site Plan (for those that have been before – same place as usual)

The emergency home contact will be: Martin Riddell

Kit list previously sent out with invite but please bring and note the the following items (some that are additional)
• We are only going for two nights, I would prefer if all kit is in holdalls and not suitcases as these use up a lot of room in the tents.
• Sun cream and sunhat – although it is looking less likely that we will have the amazing weather we had last year, please ensure these are packed (likewise will also need raincoat)
• Assault course clothes – If we get to use the assault course you will get v. muddy – consider sending some clothes you don’t mind never wearing again (and a plastic bag to take them home in).
• Tuck money – There is a provi (shop) on site but could we please ask that pocket money brought to camp is a sensible amount (£2-3) and ask cubs not to go mad on sweets (no over the top sugar intake induced late night sick events this year please)
Bring money in a sealed named envelope.
• Sometimes it’s helpful for cubs to know the time as lots of activities are in slots. If you have a v cheap watch you don’t mind not seeing again they may find it useful.
• Please bring cake for all to share, nut free please.

Parent help rota – message from Kate Delaney Borough camp is nearly upon us and many of you kindly agreed to come and help out. We are short of help on Sat pm and very short on Sunday am, so if you can volunteer that would be brilliant – or even if you could swap from a shift that has lots of parents on it already.

In case you are wondering what you will be doing; Fri am at Scout Hut – this is helping us to load up the vans (and later on site if you can stay around). The on-site volunteering will be helping us to run our activity. Each section puts on an activity for all of the cubs / scouts to enjoy (there are around 700 cubs / scouts from all across Richmond on the camp).

In theme with the World Cup we will be running a Brazilian Beach bar where cubs will be making fruit juice drinks, and flags of the World Cup countries to help us decorate our bar. We even have sand and an inflatable palm tree!

It’s really important we have parents to help us put on this activity as the leadership team need to make sure we are looking after our cubs/scouts and will be ferrying them to and from various competitions – we will probably need at least 3 parents on the “bar” at all times….

Finally the Sun pm slot will be helping us to pack up and take all the tents down.
Thanks so much for offering to help – we couldn’t do it without you!
And if you are not shown on the rota and can help please do get in touch.

Collection (going home on Sunday)
Unless we advise otherwise collection will be after the closing ceremony at 3:30pm on Sunday.
We will need help unloading kit back at the hut once we get back, so please to tag along, the more bodies we have the quicker we all get home, thanks.

Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers – Update

Monday, June 16th, 2014
3HH Group Beavers Cubs Explorers Scouts

As of Sunday 15th June we have collected 8898 vouchers along with those we banked last year, a tremendous amount! As we’re so close to the 9000 mark, I’ll leave the collecting box up for another week and do my final collection on Saturday 21st June. Many thanks for all your superb donations so far and please do get those last few in. Many thanks!

This Sunday! Annual Celebration, Review & AGM Event 15 June 2014

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014
3HH Group Beavers Cubs Scouts

Please Join us this Sunday 15th June 2014 2pm
Open Invitation from 3rd Hampton Hill Scout Group
Please join us for our Annual Group Celebration Event on SUNDAY 15th June 2014 at 2pm.
This is a chance to review and celebrate the year, look at our achievements and to see what we have planned for the coming year.
There will be a Bouncy Castle, Games and a BBQ, plus refreshments.
All members, family and friends are welcomed and encouraged to attend this event. Please spread the word.
The event starts at 2pm at our Scout Headquarters; The George Stanley Hall, ‘The Triangle’, rear of Holly Road Recreation Ground.
All the documents can be found here;

All Welcome!
We look forward to seeing you there!
Rich Moody
Group Scout Leader

Sainsbury’s Active Kids

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
3HH Group Beavers Cubs Explorers Scouts

All, Sainsburys have now finished giving out the Active Kids vouchers and we already have a great total of over 7000 vouchers with those we banked last year. We now have until the end of June to get our order in and I have no doubt there’s many a family with a stash of vouchers still to be dropped off at the HQ. As such we’ll leave the box at the HQ until after the AGM on Sunday 15th June at which point we’ll ‘close the books’. Every year we lose a large number of vouchers because they come in late so please do your best to get them in by this date; we cannot use them in the follwing year so we lose them :-(
Many thanks for all the vouchers you’ve collected so far, I’ll let you know what we order on a future post.

Scouts Summer Camp – dates and information

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

This year’s Scout Section Summer Camp will take place at Ferny Crofts Scout Activity Centre, right in the heart of the New Forest, Hampshire.

The dates are Saturday 2nd August to Saturday 9th August 2014.

We’re planning to do a number of onsite activities including Raft Building, Canoeing, Tomahawk Throwing! and also a number of excellent offsite activities including a visit to Brownsea Island (the site of the first ever scout camp), a trip to Beaulieu, a trip to the beach, and possibly even a cycling trip in the new forest.

Initially the camp is limited to 24 scouts, this will be reviewed and increased if we have enough leadership cover and the demand is there. Please get your application forms and payment in as soon as possible.

Contact any member of the scout leadership team for forms for camp.

Borough Camp 2014 Invitation

Thursday, May 8th, 2014
Cubs Explorers Scouts

All Cubs, Scouts and Young Leaders;

Borough Camp will run from Friday 4th – Sunday 6th July 2014 at Walton Firs.

All the information you need can be found in the files below;
3HH Borough Camp Invite Letter 2014
3HH boro camp health form-2014
3HH (Scouts) Permission to shoot form 2014
Boro Camp kit list 2014
Please return your forms and payments as soon as possible and not later than 23 May 2014. Thanks.

Scout Section – Welcome back! Summer 2014 Programme

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Scout Section – Welcome back! We have a full programme of great stuff lined up for this summer term.

See Programme here; 3HH Scouts 2014 Summer Programme

Scouts Easter Camp – Report Back and Pics

Monday, April 28th, 2014

We hope you have at least been able to gather some information from your scouts as to what they did at Easter Camp. If not then here’s the rundown but first of all here are the photos.
3HH Scouts Easter Camp 2014

I must say that 3G swing certainly makes for some great photos! It’s the look of pure panic!

Sunday was an early start as you know. We got to site and sorted out the patrols, got tents pitched and launched straight into our first two activities, the climbing wall and crate stacking. After some cowboy stew, rice pudding and several scouts converted to cornbread it was a wide game and off to bed.

Monday was the Major Activity day but first of all the scouts cooked their own full English breakfast. It was back to the Crate Stacking and Climbing after swapping groups and then we switched to leap of faith and abseiling. Leap of faith looks as crazy as it sounds.
Monday afternoon also saw a chance to get some knife training done, and axe and saw for those that were already knife trained. Spaghetti Carbonara and Camp Fire Donuts were followed by a relaxed few silly games round the camp fire. Granny likes 007 but hates James Bond!

Tuesday it was up and out fast as it was our hike into oxford. A quick bacon sarnie and cereal for all and it was pack bags make lunch and hit the road for a gentle walk into oxford. We all met up outside Pitts River Museum and had lunch in the glorious sunshine (did I mention we had nothing but sunshine all week!) We sent the scouts into the Pitts River Museum which to be quiet honest is a bit like a cross between “The Natural History Museum” and “Ripleys Believe It or Not!”. Shruken heads, things in jars, live cockroaches and more! We followed this up with a tour inside one of the oxford colleges led by one of our ex scouts and occasional helpers Tom Burton who is now studying there. Then it was a quick trip down to Sainsbury’s for the patrols to make and buy ingredients for their own dinner. We had some great results and some interesting outcomes! Kebabs, Burgers, Curry, Eton Mess, Bird Poo! And more all made the menus. After filling ourselves far too much we played a couple of wide games finishing with the rather excellent Cluedo widegame.

Wednesday morning it was time for the patrols to light them fires and get cracking (excuse the pun) with Eggy Bread. It was then off to the activities again with Jacobs Ladder and 3G Swing. The afternoon was some free time a leisurely lunch of fish finger sandwiches. A trip to the providore to spend their pocket money, and prep some skits for the camp fire. We also managed to invest 9 scouts on our pioneering ladder, which was certainly fun and interesting! Chicken Fahitas in the evening and banana splits and marshmallow smores and we were ready for the cubs to join us for campfire. Of course we had a blast with some great skits, the “Mundy Boat Race”, some funny songs and it was off to bed.

Thursday started with a central breakfast and clear up and pack away. But we did break it up with some awards. There was awards for the Scout with their hands in the pockets the longest, the scout who daydreamed the most, the scout who needed the most first aid and even some leaders won awards as well. After a rather noisy drive back (I had all the girls in my minibus again! How does that keep happening) I’m hoping your scouts did the same as me and fell asleep early.

I hope they all had as much fun as it looked they did. Certainly going through the photos it looked like it.

I would like to thank all the leaders for offering up their spare time again. Without which we couldn’t possibly run these events.

P.S. Thanks for the cakes, they were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

John Hawkins
Scout Leader
3rd Hampton Hill Scouts (Claws, Tuesday)
(on behalf of the Scout and Camp Leadership Teams)

Sainsbury’s Active Kids Scheme

Sunday, February 9th, 2014
3HH Group Beavers Cubs Explorers Scouts

Last year was a real success for us with our best ever total collected allowing us to place a really valuable order for lightweight tents. So here we are in 2014 and we’re off on the collection trail again and why wouldn’t we as this superb scheme saves us money in being able to order sports, games and camping equipment and it doesn’t even cost us postage!
It would be really useful when collecting your vouchers and posting them in the box in the HQ if you can batch them up separately in 1s or 5s with rubber bands, adding a note of the number of vouchers enclosed as this will save us hours of counting.
Vouchers can be collected until 20th May and we have to place our order by the end of June latest so please do get these in before the closing date as every year we waste quite a number of vouchers as they come in after we’ve been forced to place our order. Many thanks in advance and just remember, every voucher donated helps to keep your subs down!

3HH Scout Section Programme Spring 2014

Friday, January 10th, 2014

The Scout Section restarts meetings next week – Tuesday 14th and Friday 17th Jan 2014.

A copy of the Programme for the Term is here; 3HH Scout Section 2014 Spring Programme

Welcome back!!

Harvest Festival Church Parade Sun 6 Oct 2013 11am

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013
3HH Group Beavers Cubs Explorers Scouts

Harvest Festival Church Parade is this Sunday 6th October at 1100.

Message from Peter the Vicar;

I look forward to welcoming 3HH members on October 6th at 11am for Harvest Festival with Bishop Paul of Kensington. It’d be great if 3HH could bring items which will go to the ‘Upper Room’ – dry goods, tins, as usual.
Please find attached a list of items Harvest
List 2013 the Upper Room are hoping for from Harvest this year. Many thanks.

Scout Section – Welcome Back & Autumn Programme

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Hi everyone!

We hope that you all had a fabulous summer break. Just to confirm that we’re back to Scouts this as of this week. Amazingly we even managed to create the term’s programme before we get back! It’s included here 3HH Scouts Autumn Programme 2013 your reference but needless to say, it’ll be an action packed and fun filled term. The major theme is the Survival Activity Badge but there’s also heaps of other stuff including a few joint evenings so please pay close attention.

There’s one thing to specifically call out: although invitation letters haven’t yet been sent out, we are entering 2 teams for the annual Day Prowl event. It’s scheduled for Sunday 6 October. Day Prowl is an ‘Incident Hike’ competition, for teams of 4 to 7 Scouts or Guides. There’s no overnight stay on this one – but they’re sure to come back with a big grin and sore feet! If your Scout thinks they might like to take part could you please drop me a line? There’s limited places (2 teams of 6 to cover both 3HH troops) and time isn’t on our side.

Since it’s also new term we’d be grateful if you can please bring in your subs. As usual its £40 per term, or £110 for the year if you want to pay in one hit. And if you still owe for last term, please bring that in as well. We have lists if you need to check.

Looking forward to a great term!

(on behalf of Talons & Claws Scout Troop Leadership Teams)

Scouts Summer Camp 2013

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Summary of recent camp at Broadstone Warren Scout Camp . . .
Despite the smaller numbers and shortened duration it all seemed to go off very well. :) Sleeping out in hammocks and tarps, just like Ray Mears, was a wonderful new experience for most of the Scouts. While we didn’t manage to do all the stuff that we had aimed to, the highlights included: zip wire, pooh sticks in the Hundred Acre Wood, crate stacking, stalking fluffy bunny rabbits, learning to split wood using just an oversized sheath knife, cooking over open fires and micro navigation while hiking in the rain! Apparently lolling around in the hammocks, shooting the breeze and playing cards was also quite acceptable to the Scouts. Although there were biblical portions of wet stuff at times I am assured that in hindsight it was “character building”! Broadstone Warren more than lived up to its well-deserved reputation as 400 acres of ancient woodlands with plenty of space to explore – we only saw a small corner of it and I’ve no doubt we’ll be back again before too long. Well done and thanks to all the scouts and the Leadership Team (Simon, Jane, Rich & Lucy).

Pictures here; 3HH Scouts Summer Camp 2013

SuperScout Joint Evening Tuesday 16th July

Friday, July 12th, 2013

All, don’t forget it’s a joint evening this Tuesday at 7pm the HQ, our annual SuperScout challenge, “beyond the ability of mere mortals”…. come and be challenged and amaze with your physical prowess, mental agility and accuracy…. Can you lift the trophy and take the coveted title of SuperScout 2013?

Boro Camp info

Friday, July 5th, 2013
Cubs Scouts

Arrive at Walton Firs camp site on Friday 5th July at 7 pm, please do not arrive early. Cubs and scouts please have your eve meal before you arrive.
You can find us on the far left corner of the site – Training Field – over the footbridge by the Ravine.
Collection: The closing ceremony Sun is at 3.30 pm, we would appreciate parents arriving early to help pack away.
Please bring cake for all to share, nut free please.
There is Racing at Sandown today so please take account of this for travel purposes.
Kit List is below; dont forget Sun Hat, Sun Cream and Drinks Bottle!
boro camp kit list 2013

Scouts Rowing (‘Pulling’) Tues 2nd July 2013

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Rowing details as follows:

Tuesday 2nd July, 2013, we are Rowing, or to be absolutely correct ‘Pulling’ on the Thames at Richmond.
…. and for the technically minded, Rowing involves ‘Feathering’ the oar after every stroke, ‘Pulling’ doesn’t :) )

Whatever…we will propel, surprisingly well, two beautiful and unique replica Shallops of the Fifteenth century (as used by Aristocracy and Very Rich in Henry VII’s time), and a couple of whalers, up or down the Thames, probably both, according to the captains whim.

Its great fun, join us please.

Cost £3 in coins please, (don’t have to be real gold coins, but we have to cross the Capn’s palm me hearties)

Meet at the Towpath near Richmond Bridge 6.30pm, Pick up 9pm same place

Please try to be prompt, once we set off only speedboats will ever catch us !!
Wear full uniform and any outer clothing suitable for prevailing weather conditions.
Life jackets are supplied

There is limited parking nearby down Friars Lane/Water Lane, or at the large car park on the far side of the Green off the A316 (10 mins walk)

This part of the Towpath will be heaving if its a nice evening so allow plenty of time
Car sharing is recommended

Water Rocket Challenge!

Friday, June 21st, 2013
Cubs Scouts

The Cubs and Scouts had a fantastic evening on Wed 19 June 2013 at NPL taking part in the Water Rocket Challenge.

Both the Cubs and Scouts had spent time during Section Meetings learning about the mechanics and design of the Rockets, and then having a go at building and launching them.

The Cubs took part in the Water Rocket Workshops at the NPL event, launching Rockets they had made previously and making and launching more under the guiding eyes and hands of the Staff and Volunteers at the Event.

The Scouts took part in the Challenge Competition – this involved launching a rocket 3 times and attempting to get it into the scoring zones marked out on the field. They thought that they were out of the running after some rocket repair/misfire and launching issues (breaking a brand new launcher on the second round) but still managed to get second place and only missed first by 6 points. Well done 3HH. First place next year ;)

A wonderful fun evening enjoyed by all!

A Big Thanks from all at 3HH to all the organisers and volunteers that ran this event.

Annual Scout Intercounty Rifle and Pistol Shooting Competition

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013
Explorers Scouts

The legacy of 3rd Hampton Hill shooting continues with, Issac G, Ruth H and Lilly P selected to represent Greater London South West (GLSW) at the Annual Scout Intercounty Rifle and Pistol Shooting Competition held at Aldersley on the 14th April 2013. The GLSW Squad Captain is Jean Jenkins of 2nd Malden Scouts who has been organising a team for a number of years from across the County that consistently does well; in 2011 saw an overall Bronze and in 2012 the team triumphantly returned with Gold medals having defeated the hot contenders by the narrowest of margins, 1 point!

For 2013 a mostly new GLSW squad was formed with intensive training taking place at Surbiton Postal Rifle Club during February and March. Despite the relative inexperience and youth of the team it was clear that there was plenty of talent heading to the Midlands on an early Sunday morning and although not in the medals this time they did not disappoint at all, coming a very credible 4th place out of 14 teams and only a few points off the Bronze medal spot.

Well done to Jean Jenkins and the whole GLSW squad and we look forward to seeing you back at the top in the future.

Group shooting competition for all adults, Scouts and Explorers Saturday May 11th

Friday, March 15th, 2013
3HH Group Beavers Cubs Explorers Scouts

Hi all, after a brief pause last year, we’ll be once again running our fun group shooting competition on Saturday 11th May 2013. This is an enjoyable event with at least four different shooting activities and medals in a number of categories for those crack-shots out there. We’ll be target shooting with both rifles and pistols, enjoying a field shooting competition outside and combining this with the nerve-racking knockout competition. Adults don’t need to have shot before so there’s no need to worry if you’re a complete novice. If you’d like to enter the competition please return the entry slip on the flyer along with a declaration for adults and/or a permission to shoot form for the under 18s.
Please note the closure date for entries and be aware that any entries received after that date may be refused.

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