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Reminder! Voluntary Care Group Christmas Concert

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Voluntary Care Group Christmas concert – Once again, the Scouts will be assisting the Hampton and Hampton Hill VCG with their community carol service at St James Church on Wednesday 12th December from approximately 6 – 8.30pm. We’ll be taking the collection, serving refreshments (including mince pies) and as usual attendance will go towards your Community Challenge badge service requirement.

All the above will qualify you to receive an invitation to our final evening’s skating at Hampton Court Ice Rink on Friday 14th December.

Team Building Games

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

teambuildingswirl2.jpgThe Scouts enjoyed the challenge of being set a number of Team Building Exercises (Games) last Friday.

With such gems as; The Chicken Stretch, Gotchya (Grab the Finger), The Machine, Chair Game, Sneek a Peek Game (using building blocks) and Ha-Ha!

All these games encourage and promote Team-Work, co-operation and are of course fun!

Useful resources can be found at:

Yet more sharp shooters at 3rd Hampton Hill!

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Shooting RangeFollowing their outstanding performance at Bisley this year, Alex and Sam have have been invited to follow in Melanie F’s and Joe R’s footsteps.

They have been selected to join the National Scout Representative Squad.

This is a tremendous privilege and opens up greater vistas within shooting. When representing the Scout Association they will compete against other organisations such as the army cadets and, as with Melanie, may well develop onto much higher levels.

They will also benefit from further training opportunities with the squad and may now wear the highly coveted black squad shirt.

We’re extremely pleased for them and also very proud of their achievements. Well done indeed for this fabulous success and opportunity.

Swimming Gala Supremos

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Hi all, another successful event for 3rd Hampton Hill Scouts with victory at this year’s swimming gala.

Our team of eight performed superbly winning virtually every heat and being represented in every final.


National Air Rifle Championships

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

NRSA logoWell, what a weekend! Gorgeous sunny warm(ish) days coupled with literally freezing nights saw a smaller squad from 3rd Hampton Hill at our annual assault on the National Scout Air Rifle Championships held at Bisley’s excellent facilities, the world home of Small-bore shooting.

As usual we took part in the main event which comprised 6yd air rifle and pistol, rifle knock-out and field target, along with various of our team trying biathlon, own pistol and rifle and .22 small bore rifle and the 300m full bore rifle. This event has grown over the years and this year’s was the second biggest event in the NSRA’s history with 684 competitors, eclipsed only by the 2002 Commonwealth games for which the centre was built. How did we do? Read on…..


Scouts Air Rifle Field Practice

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

In preparation for next week’s Bisley NRSA competition, some of the team (and a few interlopers!) squeezed in a little bit of last minute practice at the HQ.

(click on the photo to see more pictures…)

3HH Scouts host Christian Aid Tea Party

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

On Friday 21 September 2007, in support of the annual Christian Aid fundraiser, 3HH’s scouts transformed the hall into a fancy Parisian tea room

The idea was to raise awareness of the plight of some of our poorest countries while raising money, through donations, in return for tea and cake. So what better way to help reduce poverty in the world than by having a brew?

The scouts produced endless buckets of tea and dished up masses of pizza, cakes and other assorted sugary stuff to feed their guests.

Overall the evening was an amazing success, everyone had a huge amount of fun and we raised £133.98 for this very important charity!

Scouts Newsletter III – Summer 2007

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Quasar next week 29th June, the invitations have gone out. If you haven’t had one and feel you deserve one because you’ve been to Church Parade or attended St George’s Day this year, then please call me urgently. Equally if you haven’t received an invitation but have been prevented from attending Church etc for sporting or other reasons, please let me know. Please note the letter carefully as Quasar were most unhelpful and would only let us play games back to back, therefore half the troop will play early and half late. Own transport direct to site please, non uniform.

Great Parent Scout Cookout – don’t forget this is planned for our final evening on Friday 13th July, a fantastic evening and my favourite event of the year. I hope you’ve got your teams together and joined forces with parents and Scouts as appropriate. The information was emailed out however if you need paper copies please let me know.

Centenary Summer Camp – the final £50 instalment is now due, preferably before the end of term. Apologies that we were unable to bring the final amount down, but one of our intended fund raising opportunities failed to materialise. It is really important that every Scout has an item of 3HH logo’d group wear to assist identification of our members when we’re out amongst the tens of thousands of Scouts from around the world at the Jamboree site. Please see any leader to purchase items as necessary. Please also return the health forms ASAP. Especially if your Scout has any specific dietary needs as our catering crew are organising the menu imminently. Addition to kit list, a bivvi bag!

Finally, the MacDonald’s treat for our 5-a-side footy teams is on Friday 6th July at 7pm at the HQ. If you haven’t yet let me know what you’d like please do so ASAP!

Regards Paul

Scouts Newsletter II – Summer 2007

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Don’t forget Sarah and Jo’s Art competition which closes on 8th June. Finished art work will be strung up for display and will also festoon our gate at Centenary Camp so we want as many entries as possible please to ensure all of 3HH are represented at this camp. We are also looking for Scout assistance for an hour or so over the weekend to help run the refreshments and if anyone can bring cakes to sell, we’d appreciate it. Don’t forget the Art event at our HQ on the weekend of 9/10th May.

Centenary Bring a Friend will be on Friday 15th June – however at 3HH we hardly need anyone to bring friends so we’re having a ‘bring an adult’ evening. The Scouts will be running a SuperScout evening for you, a round robin mad evening of activities from shooting to golf, an obstacle course to mental challenges. Every Scout must bring at least one adult, but no more than two! Please come along and join in the fun and games as we don’t want to disappoint our Scouts who will then earn the ‘bring-a-friend’ badge for their Centenary Scarf.

Friday 29th June – outing for those who’ve attended Church Parade this year or St George’s Day Parade. If you don’t receive an invitation letter than it means we don’t have a record of you attending the relevant parades. As mentioned I am aware that some Scouts have sporting or other commitments and so if this is the case and they’d like to come please let me know ASAP.


Scouts Newsletter – Summer 2007

Friday, May 4th, 2007

Just a short newsletter this time as we’re all such busy people this year and we’ll start with……

Congratulations to our 12 and over 5-a-side football team who ran out champions at last week’s tournament and commiserations to the 12 and unders who lost painfully on penalties in their final. Maccy D’s will follow!

My thanks to the turn out of 21 Scouts at this year’s St. George’s Day Parade, good considering the lack of info we had from district and late arrival of same. An excellent event all the same and I will long remember the huge procession winding it’s way through to Marble Hill Park; Scouting dying? Not in Richmond it ain’t!!

Don’t forget this Sunday 6th May – Church Parade 9.15am Park Rd, Hampton Hill. If you want to come to our outing whatever it be on 29th June, you need to be there if you haven’t made Church Parade or St Georges Day yet this year! Please note there will be no Parade on 3rd June due to half term so this is your only chance!!

Next week 11th May we’ll be holding a bike rodeo organised by Giles Bowell. By definition this means you need to bring your bike, so please ensure your bike is in good condition and that you come with helmet etc as we’re probably going into the Park.


Scouts Newsletter III – Spring 2007

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Easter Camp is going ahead and still open for people to join.

Summer Centenary Camp – we need the first £50 instalment before we break up for Easter please

Summer Centenary Camp – is still open for people to join but will close during the Easter break. Please get any last minute applications in ASAP.

Summer Centenary Camp fund raiser at Claremont School – see below – please let me know if you and your Scout can help on this fund raiser to help us lower the price of camp for all. It’s on the same day as……

5-a-side footy – I currently don’t have enough Scouts to field a 12 and under team!! 12 and over team is OK. Closing date for entries is this Friday, so get ‘em in now.


Scouts Newsletter II – Spring 2007

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Truly into the swing of the new term and 2007 and here’s the second newsletter already. Firstly, dates for the next few weeks: next week Friday 9th March is a modified re-run of our Bushy Park orienteering challenge. As last time, please meet at the SHAEF Gate at 7:30pm opposite Shaef Way, Sandy Lane Teddington with a pick up at 9:30pm at the same location. As usual, we will go in all but foul weather so please ensure your Scout is suitably dressed and comes with torch and pencil. Please note the following week is a challenge evening against the Guides on Tuesday 13th March at 7.15pm at St James Church Hall, Park Rd Hampton Hill. Full uniform please and don’t forget a coat.

Fire station visit – I have a large number of ‘fire-safety’ badges available but as yet not a single Scout to give them to. Unusually the Scouts have had virtually nothing to do to attain this badge as the fire-fighters did such an excellent job when we visited. There is one requirement though and that is to provide the address of someone who would benefit form a visit from the fire service to assess their home form a safety point of view. This will ideally be an elderly, infirm or otherwise relevant member of the public, perhaps a neighbour relative or friend. Return of this form will be rewarded with the badge.


Scouts Newsletter – Spring 2007

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

Well, here we are at the start of the most exciting year in Scouting ever! I apologise in advance for the number of letters, general bits of paper and what have you accompanying this letter; it’s an indication of the humongous year we have ahead!

In the programme you’ll see a lot of ‘100’ based activities, some just at our HQ, a large number at district level, one or two at county level and this year a whole host of national events.


Scouts Summer Camp 2006 Photos

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Yet another cracking summer camp event for the 3HH scouts. There were boat loads of activities to be tried as the photos below show!…

Patrol Leaders Training Camp

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

On the weekend of 4th/5th March, the Scouts section held its first ever Patrol Leaders training camp in the freezing cold at our HQ.

The Scouts enjoyed 24 hours of challenges (bridge building, egg drop challenge, the Helium Stick amongst others), learning sessions, both practical and classroom based, the proper way to light fires (and a few cheats) amongst other activities and an excellent trip to Megabowl.

The extreme sub-zero temperatures which left drying tea towels board-solid also disrupted many of the Scouts and leaders sleep, didn’t diminish in any way the excellent spirit and team work of the weekend. Congratulations to Joe C, Alex, Harrison, Cameron, Irie, Joe R, Miles and James for all completing the course and to Rich, Jon and Charles for their assistance over the weekend.

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