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Southern Challenge 2006

Saturday, February 18th, 2006

Southern 50 logo The Mighty 3HH take on The Big 50! For those who are tough enough.. some of us were and have returned with many a blister as proof. Argh.

This event is for teams of 4 and is open to all members of the Scout or Guide Movements over the age of 14 years. There are THREE routes, 50 miles and 50km open to all, andThe event is a test of good orienteering skills as well as physical ability and team-work and unlike other well known hikes, local knowledge will not be of help as the route will not be disclosed until the day of the event. All teams therefore start with exactly the same chance of winning a trophy.

It is this difference that has made the ‘Southern 50 Challenge’ a successful and rewarding event in the past and will continue to for many years.

Like any other long distance challenge, the effort required to last the full course and receive a finishing certificate is an achievement.

More importantly, many like to return to have another crack at the trophy or just to improve on their time.

Sedan Chair 2005

Saturday, January 1st, 2005

Another great fun but rather muddy weekend at Tolmers- 1st place in the Volleyball competition after a nail biting final and definitely first place when it came to Disco action!

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