Group Governance

Registered Charity Number: 303816
Registered Scout Group Number: 27686

How does 3rd Hampton Hill Scout Group run?

We rely fully on volunteers. These volunteers then attend training and then hold specific appointments (roles). Our Leaders are assisted and supported by Section Assistants and Young Leaders and a Group Executive Committee who are often parents. All adults who help with the group also have to be CRB cleared. This is an important step to ensure we safeguard the young people in our care.

Our Executive Committee meet every 6 weeks, led by our Group Scout Leader (GSL) and Chair person, with reports from the Section Leaders and the Treasurer, we also discuss fundraising, maintenance, cleaning, hall hire, and projects to develop the headquarters, etc. We aim to have an AGM and Group Review every year in May. This looks back at all our achievements and also looks forward on our plans for the coming year.

We are extremely lucky at 3rd Hampton Hill as we have a fantastic leadership team who are motivated and enthusiastic. We are always looking for new ideas, support and help, if you would like to join us please contact us via the enquiry page. We are run solely by volunteers and always need that extra input and support that only parents can provide. Parents are always welcome to come and help, even just once a term as a much needed extra pair of eyes and hands in the hall. Please contact any Section Leader if you think you might be able to lend a hand.


To continue running the excellent diverse programme of events and activities (programme) and to maintain both our Scout premises and Equipment we need funding. This comes from subs and fundraising. If you would like to help us with our fund raising efforts then please read more!

Annual Census for January 2009 (Figures for 2008 in brackets)

The figures for 2009 have just been compiled and we now have a total Group membership of 156 (149), a small increase of 7 on last years figures.

> Beavers 35 (36)
> Cubs 45 (54)
> Scouts 49 (36)
> Adults 27 (23)

Plus 5 Young Leaders.

3HH Growth

Notes: Venture Scout Units were changed to become Explorer Scout Units in 2003 and were no longer directly attached to Groups. Figures do not include Young Leaders and Support from Hampton Explorer Scout Unit who are covered under District Annual Returns. We have at least 6 Young Leaders providing excellent help and support with all Sections.

Annual Reports and Financial Summaries

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