3HH Shooting Competition – victims of our own success?

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011
3HH Group

OK, so let’s start with the apology, we overran a little bit past our 4pm finish time, well quite a bit actually this caused by equipment failure and a rash of late entries which took us well over our ideal of 30 entrants per session. If you gave up and didn’t get to shoot we’re all really sorry and have already changed things for the next time we run to ensure we have no repeat.

So let’s look at the bright side and the results in what was otherwise a really successful day with well over 40 shooters partaking in pistol, rifle, field target and knockout competitions. All medals in the junior competition went to 3HH shooters and well done Ella L for taking overall gold. Andrew O won the knockout and retained his position as top knockout junior having won the event last year; how does he do it? In the senior competition I’m afraid to say the spoils kind of went to the 3HH shooting instructors but I’m pleased to say that a couple of parent’s names snuck in to the top three and next year I’m thinking we’ll have an elite category for the rifle and pistol at least.

So well done all and thanks to the team that supported the event and ensured it ran smoothly, the results are here – results.

20110521 3HH Shooting Comp

[Feel free to browse the photos! Note that these have been loaded in a low resolution format – if you’d like a high quality version of any particular photo, and are connected with 3HH Scouts, please email one of the section leaders to request.]

3rd Hampton Hill Sweep the Board

Monday, October 18th, 2010
3HH Group Explorers Scouts

sc-as-maatarA crisply cold weekend of shooting air rifle, pistol, field target, knockout, small-bore, full-bore and biathlon culminated in 3rd Hampton Hill’s best ever results at the annual National Scout Air Rifle Championships.

This year was once again their biggest entry with some 782 shooters from Scout and Explorer groups across the country, 3rd Hampton Hill entering 9 Scout shooters, 5 adults and a team of 5 from Hampton Explorers. Whilst we won’t know the full results for a few days, a closing ceremony chock full of awards for the top three places definitely left us with smiles on our faces.

Firstly, in the Biathlon, a completion to run 400m, shoot prone, run 400m, shoot kneeling, run 400m, shoot standing and then run 400m saw the junior competition and gold medal won by Tom H, even though he missed a target at prone!

The knockout is a competition requiring nerves of steel as well as good aim, standing shoulder to shoulder with your opponent aiming to be the first to knock down 5 targets and Rhiannon N continued with her good streak in this discipline taking equal third place and a bronze medal. Considering the size of the field this was an excellent result, especially as so many of us fell by the wayside very early in the competition.


Sharp Shooting Success for 3HH Scouts **Update**

Friday, March 19th, 2010

sc-as-maatar3rd Hampton Hill Scouts have enjoyed a whole raft of successes recently on the shooting front at various competitions. Last night we completed our annual YPS course with all students passing with at least a skilled shot rating.

At the Kingston competition a few weeks ago our team took best troop and group pistol, best troop and group rifle with a large number of individual Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners. We didn’t leave much for Kingston I’m afraid; I did wonder if they’d invite us back, but they’ll have to if they want their trophies back!

The Richmond competition was held recently and we entered teams from both Talons and Claws. Claws kicked off with an excellent team score of 610 which proved to be unbeatable all week even by Explorer or adult teams, so well done to Will H, Lily (116), Jacob, Tom (118) and James H and Jamie S. Talons didn’t disgrace themselves with an excellent 3rd place so well done to Matt, Lucy, Ruth and Emily, Isaac and Will W.

The inter-county competition was held on the weekend of 20th and 21st March and three current or former 3HH members represented Greater London South West, Jacob and Sam H and Tate (brother of Annie in Claws).

At this point I’ll hand over to our start reporter Rob (Sam and Jacob’s dad): (more…)

3HH Airgun Competition 15th May 2010

Saturday, March 6th, 2010
3HH Group

20071013 Shooting Practice_002 Dear all, Please see attached details of our airgun competition. This will be held on 15th May 2010, following our incredibly successful previous event in 2008. Please note that this is open to all leaders, Scouts, 10 year old cubs and any adult family members associated with 3rd Hampton Hill.

Overview detail and entry form can be found here.

The declaration form for 18 year olds and over can be found here and must accompany any entry forms for that age group.

The parent consent form for under 18 year olds can be found here and must accompany any entry forms for that age group.

If this is your first time shooting, don’t worry there will be plenty of adult instructors around to help you through things. Good luck! This promises to be a sensational event, lots of fun and accessible to all. Go on, why not have a go?

Sweeping Success at Royal Kingston Shooting Competition

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

gold-medalThe Royal Kingston Airgun competition last weekend saw some exceptional results for 3HH.

Well done to everyone that took part and had a go. The overall headline results for 3HH were:

U12 Pistol – Gold Jacob H
U12 Rifle – Gold Jamie S; Silver Lilly P; Bronze Jacob H. An overall clean sweep with Lucy R getting 4th place as well!

U14 Pistol – Gold Ruth H
U14 Rifle – Bronze Will W
U14 Best female – Lily P (also U12!)
U14 Aggregate – combined score of Pistol and Rifle goes to Jacob H who’s U12!

O18 Rifle – Bronze Jon H
O18 Pistol – Silver Jon H
O18 Aggregate – Gold Jon H

Trophies for Group Rifle, Troop Rifle and Pistol (for a team of three)

Well done to the entire shooting team, leaders, trainers and most especially, the Scouts. We already have the trophies and medals, and will award these at Scouts as soon as possible.

Inaugural Scouts Saturday Shooting Session

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

20100213 Saturday Shooting
Today saw the first meeting of what’s hoped to be a regular Saturday shooting session at 3HH. We already have a rich history of successful shooters and we hope with these extra practice sessions we can bring throw the next batch of competitors. Fifteen budding shooters came along with a variety of prior experiences under their belts. Everyone had a great time and we’re all looking forward to the next one!

Click on the photo to see more…

It’s the exciting spring Scout programme!

Friday, January 8th, 2010

sc-cs-fichHi all, please see attached our spanking new and super duperly exciting new PROGRAMME with dates for the whole year. This term sees us take on the Fitness Challenge badge which we’re approaching slightly differently by inviting you to try a number of new sports or fitness activities and which will culminate in running the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile at the end of term; you want the badge? You gotta do the mile!…


Air Rifle Course 2010

Monday, December 14th, 2009

sc-as-maatarHi all please see attached for our annual air rifle course.

Places fill quickly on this so please do ensure your forms are returned ASAP!

National Scout Air Rifle Competition Invitation

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Hi all, please see attached the primary paperwork for NSARC 2009.

This has formerly been an open competition to anyone who has passed the YPS course but due to it’s poularity entries are now restricted to 9 Scouts, 6 Explorers and a limited number of non Range Officer adult entrants, all of whom now MUST be members of the association in one form or another to be able to shoot (there are no restrictions on non-shooting adults). There are no restriction on RO numbers fortunately.

If we get more than 15 Scouts and Explorers wanting to shoot, we’ll have to carry out a selection event. Dates on this are tight to ensure our entry so I’d be happy to receive your (paper) replies ASAP.

Please note this is open to all Explorers listed above, older Scouts who may be Explorers come October and all adults with shooting knowledge and the pre-requisite membership as well of course as Scouts who’ve passed YPS.

3HH Air Rifle and Pistol Competition Invitation

Monday, May 25th, 2009
3HH Group

Hi all, as last year’s shooting event was sooooo successful we just couldn’t resist running it again. This year’s date is Saturday 13th June, yes very soon indeed!

* UPDATE * 1 JUNE 2009 – For a variety of reasons we have had to take the decision to CANCEL the Shooting Event this year. We hope that we can put this event back into the Calendar for 2010


Kingston Rifle Competition

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Calling all rifle and pistol shooters at 3HH who’ve completed or are taking the YPS course…

Please see attached the entry form for the Kingston Rifle Competition on 21st/22nd March accompanied by the permission slip. Entries will only be taken from those that have undertaken the NSRA YPS course or currently completing it. Pistol entries will only be taken for those who additionally have the master at arms badge, i.e. have competed before and shot pistol at a competition.

Paul F

Scouts Pistol Shooting Photos

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

20090131 Scouts Pistol Shooting

NSRA YPS Air Rifle Course

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Please see the attached letter detailing next spring’s National Smallbore Rifle Association’s Youth Proficiency Scheme which teaches Scouts all about the safe use of rifles (and pistols if you’re lucky).

Some direct coaching

3rd Hampton Hill excel at target shooting and this course will give your Scout or newly joined cub all they need to know about this sport. All students will then be eligible for direct entry into the tournaments we compete in throughout the year, including the Nationals where we did so well this autumn. Places fill fast so get your application in now.

update 28 Nov – just 2 places remaining now!

Overall National Junior and Pistol Team Champions!!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

3rd Hampton Hill boasted it’s biggest ever team at this year’s National Scout Air Championships and came away with it’s best ever result!

20081018 National Scout Air Championships 2008 The event was held at the world centre of smallbore shooting in Bisley, Surrey on the 18th and 19th October 2008 and ended up with rewards beyond all expectation. Our team of 12 Scouts, one Young Leader and seven adults took part in the standard disciplines of 6-yard rifle and pistol along with the knockout competition and the challenging field target against an entry of over 700 Scouts.

Along with this our team members also took part in the optional small and full-bore shooting, own pistol and rifle competitions and the biathlon involving running and shooting; two activities that are not usually associated.


Shooting at Twickenham Rifle and Pistol Club

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

20081017 Scouts at Twickenham Rifle and Pistol Club Those scouts who didn’t attend the Bisley NRSA competition spent the evening at Twickenham Rifle and Pistol club’s 10 metre indoor ranges.

The range is far longer than the one in our own HQ and proved a pretty tricky challenge for everyone! We had a cracking time, with some real improvements in the scout’s performance after some keen instruction from Simon F and Les (and a stark reminder to the scout leader to go and get some stronger glasses :-( ).

Many thanks to all of those at the club who hosted our visit, and especially to Simon F and Mel for coming down to act as range officers for us.

Air Rifle Shooting at Twickenham Friday 17th October

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Hi all, as indicated by email, here is the information required for all Scouts going to our troop evening at Twickenham Rifle and Pistol Club. You’ll need to take with you on the evening a completed Permission Form and £3. You’ll also need to make your own way there and a MAP is attached.

Scout Troop – Autumn Term Programme and Activity Letters

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Hi all, please find attached the autumn term programme. All information is in the letters so I won’t go into details here except to highlight our Troop split discussion evening (letter attached) for all parents on Friday 26th September where we’ll be serving refreshments with monies raised going to Christian Aid.

For those taking part in the National Scout Air Rifle Championships (practice starting on Thursday 18th September), please find attached the information letter and permission to shoot form required by all.

Dayprowl is on Sunday 5th October and as such there’s very little time to get your application in for this day hike with the focus on fun. We had a lot of interest from the Scouts for this one so please download the form and return ASAP.

The forms for the swimming gala and cooking competition will follow in due course as will information about the Sikh temple visit.

3HH 60th Anniversary Celebration Shoot

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008
3HH Group

20071013 Shooting Practice_002 What an event! It was a very successful day with approximately 60 shooters enjoying rifle, pistol, knockout and field target and the feedback we’ve had has been excellent.

So, how did you do? Well, for the full results please see attached, but firstly a word or two of explanation as we’ve cut back on the medals we’re awarding. When we originally planned this event, it was to run over two days with double the number of competitors, so as our numbers were lower than expected we shuffled the age ranges about and reduced the age ranges to 12 and under, 16 and under and adult.


Sam Hill, Junior GB Squad

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Just a quick post to let you know that Sam Hill competed as one of the GLSW county team at the annual Inter County Air Rifle Tournament last weekend. Scoring 168 in rifle and 159 in pistol gave him the best aggregate score for the under 14s and helped take GLSW to second position overall and silver medals.

On the strength of this performance Sam has also been invited to train with the Junior GB Pistol squad and is with Melanie now the second 3HH member to have achieved such an accolade. Well done Sam, along with Melanie, Joe R and Alex (all current or former Scout National Squad members) you continue to demonstrate the depth of talent for shooting we have at 3rd Hampton Hill.

NSRA Youth Proficiency (Air Rifle) Course

Friday, February 15th, 2008

The Scouts are nearing completion of their NSRA Youth Proficiency (Air Rifle) Course. Just a few more weeks to go. They are all making good progress.

Click on the Photo to see more . . .

This course teaches students the finer points, skills and discipline of rifle and pistol shooting and also includes care and maintenance of equipment, safety, scoring, and range construction.

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