HMS Belfast – Kip in a Ship

Date: 14th May 2024 Author: Matt Rogers

This May 11th we had 29 Cubs come into London for a tour and dinner upon HMS Belfast. We had the unique experience of being the only ones on the entire ship when all the public left!  We then had the privilege to sleep aboard this historical naval ship. Highlights include, having the best view of Tower bridge opening for a cruise liner, checking out the modern naval ship ‘Proteus’ that had arrived along side the Belfast in the early hours of the morning, and being involved with the ceremony to hoist the flag known as ‘colours’ at 8am. Our Cubs will never again get this opportunity to be involved with ‘colours’ unless they join the Royal Navy! Truely awesome for all!

You can see all the action in the gallery below!

HMS Belfast – Kip in a Ship Gallery

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