3HH History

When did Scouting come to Hampton Hill?

There was a Group in the early thirties that we like to think was the forerunner of our Scout Group today.

Old group shot

3rd Hampton Hill (St James’s) was registered in 1948 by Stan Childs and George Casey (hence the name of the current scout headquarters, The George Stanley Hall).

For most of its life the Group met in the Parish Church Hall in School Road (now The Greenwood Centre) or on ‘the triangle’ then owned by British Rail and let to 3rd Hampton Hill under License from about 1970. This area was used for general outdoor activities or when the hall was not appropriate. When the Parish Hall was sold and redeveloped as The Greenwood Centre we transferred to Hampton Hill Junior School in Windmill Road.

In 1972 an old caravan was placed on the triangle to store equipment. In 1976 the group erected a prefabricated garage, prefabricated concrete single storey hall which was used in the spring, summer and autumn for some section meetings, events and activities. We also replaced the caravan with an old porta-cabin.

British Rail decided to auction the land on 26th September 1990. Despite many pledges of help we lost the land. We stayed on as tenants to the new owner, living in hope that one day the land would be ours. Fortunately for us, the new owner was refused planning permission and we purchased the land with a grant from the Hampton Fuel Allotment Trust. The site is now held ‘in trust’ for the Scout Group by a set of Trustees.

The group held many social functions at ‘The Triangle’ until that fateful night on Friday 6th March 1992 when the arsonists struck and the building and contents were all but destroyed.

6 march 1992 scout hut burns down

The Group, battered and bruised, carried on. Our numbers increased and hovered at around the 100 mark. All members of the Group were very active in District and County activities. One of the main challenges in front of the group was to seek planning permission for a new scout hut and to build it as soon as possible. Thanks to an unstoppable team headed by John Nielsen the new Headquarters, The George Stanley Hall was officially opened in January 1998 by The Mayor of Richmond-upon-Thames (Councillor) Maureen Woodriff and the Group Scout Leader John Nielsen. This was helped once again funded by the Hampton Fuel Allotment Trust.


The group rebuilt its headquarters but nothing is certain and trouble hit the group in the Spring of 2002. The Group was facing a crisis – very few Leaders, dwindling support from parents and no functioning Group Executive Committee. Closure was a real possibility.

3HH Today

Thankfully the addition of a new Cub and Beaver Leader, kept us going. In the Autumn of 2002 a new Executive Committee was formed, and we are now in much better shape. This has allowed us to continue giving the beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers all the opportunities they deserve.

With increased numbers of both Young People and Adults we were able to open a Second Cub Scout Pack which had its first meeting on 21 April 2004. The two packs were named as ‘Nevis’ and ‘Snowdon’.

Our most recent historical event is the opening of a Second Scout Troop. The new Troop had its first meeting on Tuesday 11th November 2008. The names of the two Troops are ‘Claws’ and ‘Talons’.

Click here for some more memories of one of our cubs from 1952! (the file is in PDF format)