NSRA Rifle Shooting Youth Proficiency Scheme 2023

Date: 20th Mar 2023 Author: Matt Rogers

3HH ran the NSRA Rifle Youth Proficiency Scheme this January. All six scouts passed YPS 2023 and came away with a Skilled Shot, two Experts and three Master Shots between them. Well done to all and thanks to the adults dedicating their time!

Following this successful start to the year, 3HH and Peake entered the Richmond District Rifle Competition this March, the first one since covid. 3HH came 3rd and 6th out of 14 teams, interestingly the teams who came 1st and 2nd are the only other teams in Richmond District who also competed at the National Scout Championships at Bisley last October. Peake came 4th out of 8. A note to myself… the results on the Monday night were generally higher than the rest of the week, probably because the rifles were freshly sighted in methinks!!!

Certificates were given to scouts scoring over 100. Rory scored 116, Jonathan (Talons Scout Leader) shot 109 and Digby exactly 100. There was a handful of scouts who were oh so close! Arne and Freddie KS scored 98 (healthy rivalry in the KS household), George and Matilda 96, Evie 94, Isaac 93 and Sam 90. Also worth a mention:

In the 12 & U category, Digby was 2nd, George 5th and Evie 6th out of 72.

In the 14 & U category, Freddie KS was 4th and Matilda 5th out of 25.

In the 17 & U category, Rory was 2nd out of 57, with the 7th highest score of the whole event out of a total of 164 shooters.

In the adult category, Jonathan 4th out of 10.

The competition was over 10m rather than our usual 6yds and that makes a surprising difference, so a huge well done to all 20 scouts who came along and made up our 3 teams.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls